Roundbank is proud to promote the social and economic well-being of the communities in which we live and do business. 

We acknowledge our civil responsibility and take pride in our efforts to support the communities that help us grow. Our core purpose is to have a positive impact on peoples' lives and one of our core values is citizenship. We provide service and financial support in our communities to improve and enrich community life.

We have extended our civic responsibility one step further by organizing the Roundbank Jr Board. The board is made up of Juniors/Seniors from local area high schools. The Jr Board was established for the following purposes:
  • Instill in today's youth the importance of being involved in their community through leadership roles and service activities.
  • Introduce today's youth to several professions within the business environment.
  • Provide an understanding of how a company is managed through its Board of Directors.

Together we are working to improve the communities and the world around us.

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