The payment industry is evolving into a ‘real-time’ world. Accordingly, payments processing is becoming better, safer, and faster for your money movement. We’re constantly improving our technology to help keep you on top of your transactions to accommodate the speed of payment processing.

Here are the changes you’ll start to see on your accounts:

  1. Debits and credits will be made on a faster timeline. (Example: Checks that currently clear at 9pm may now clear at 9am. Regular ACH payments, debit card transactions, and electronic payments made could post the same day.)
  2. Payments will appear on your account throughout the day – instead of just once per day.(Example: Checks processed in a posting file today may move to a converted item* that clears immediately.)
  3. Checks may be applied instantly if the payee chooses to present the check in real-time.(Example: The gas station currently clears their converted items with a 2-day lead time. They may decide to clear checks presented in real-time.)


We encourage you to review your account transactions frequently to ensure no discrepancies are found.

For questions regarding these changes to payments processing, feel free to contact us at 1-507-835-4220 or

*A converted item is a check that’s been converted into an electronic funds transfer by scanning the check into a Paper Check Conversion System.